Discovering Portable Massage Table Features

If you are suffered by chronic pains and pressure from tons of daily deadlines, a massage table is effective tool to improve your general health in a positive way. There are a great number of massage tables available on the market place, which varies greatly into different aspects such as sizes, heights, brands, prices and more. Professionals in this industry always attempt to offer the best product performance to users by regularly having improvements in design and features. With numerous benefits, the portable massage table rapidly becomes a favorite item during current years. Keep on reading and check out all gorgeous features of the smart portable massage table in a comprehensive way.




Main function of massage table endplates is enhancing its stability by reducing the vibrations during massage sessions. When purchasing a portable massage table, you have chance to select 3 options of endplate types, including standard, Reiki and low endplates. Each type of them supports the effectiveness of massage table in different ways. The standard endplates come with 1/8 inches thickness, whereas, Reiki type offers larger thickness of 3/8 inches. Based on your needs and demands, you could choose the suitable type of endplates that make you pleased most. Reiki is considered to be effective in accessing all body parts of customers without any difficulty. Simply, if you intend applying Reiki techniques, the Reiki endplates are great recommendation.



Foam is an essential factor in deciding whether the portable massage table is comfortable or not. Before purchasing the massage table, you should concern about its density and thickness. The higher density and thickness, the more comfortable this table offers to you. It is advisable for users to select medium or high level of foam density for maximum level of pleasure. The ideal table thickness should be changed between 2 ¼ inches to 3 ½ inches.




You have chance to enjoy 2 options of massage table materials, including wood or aluminum. In comparison with wood materials, aluminum requires higher cost. Therefore, users often choose the massage table with great combination between aluminum and wood. It is not only light-weight, but also reliable and sturdy to endure daily wear and tear. The decision of suitable weight also depends on your physical and health status, as well as user genders.


While the length of a portable massage table is at 73 inches without a headrest, its width changes between 27 inches and 32 inches. They are different based on the requirements of seniors, adults or children. The table is designed to keep up with various needs and demands of each individual.



Don’t have to worry about the position of your head during massage session. This is because portable massage table equips the headrest to make patients feel relax. Most of modern massage tables nowadays come with adjustable ability to raise or low the headrest.

In conclusion, you had better consider different important features before purchasing a portable massage table. The model equips top high-end features for users to easily decide their best choice. Be a smart purchaser in selecting right product for your massage therapy. 

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